TGB Charity: Artists are making urgent work about the environment.
Artworks Drawing Attention to Climate Change

For decades, artists have used their talents to direct attention to the social issues. With rising sea levels and increasing temperatures across the world, it’s no secret that climate change poses a singular and ever-worsening threat to our planet.

Today, creative minds around the world are rallying around climate issues, producing pieces that remind people of the dire environmental consequences if we don’t take action now.

TGB Charity would like to discover with you how artists show concerns about climate crisis.

1. Melting Panthers, Bob Partington

Partnering with the climate education nonprofit CLEO Institute, American artist Bob Partington created a wax sculpture of a Florida panther and her cub, aiming to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on Florida’s wildlife.

When it first debuted at a zoo in Tampa, the sculpture looked like nothing special. But as the wax began to melt under the heat of the sun, the bodies of the endangered species started to disintegrate. Within a couple days, the mother panther’s melting body revealed a simple message: “More heat, less wildlife.”

2. Climate Change is Real, Nor Tijan Firdaus

For Nor Tijan Firdaus, materiality plays a key and essential part of her artistic practice when bringing to light issues of climate change.

In Climate Change is Real (2020), the Malaysian artist collects e-waste such as resistors, transistors, and inductors that would otherwise be discarded as the main material components of her work.
The piece at once alludes to a society deeply dependent on technological gadgets, and how unaware we are of the high levels of waste they produce as a result. By employing e-waste as her primary medium of expression, Nor Tijan Firdaus forms a portrait of a naïve and innocent child assembled by the very objects contemporary society is consumed by.

The jarring composition reminds the viewer of the role humanity plays in environmental destruction.

3. THAW, Legs On The Wall

Suspended 20 meters above Sydney Harbor, a 2700-kg iceberg slowly melted in the sky. Artists Vicki Van Hout, Jenni Large and Isabel Estrella danced across the iceberg over a period of eight hours - with the ice slowly thawing beneath their feet.

Entitled ‘THAW’, the art installation was created to draw attention to the climate crisis by Australian physical theatre company, Legs On The Wall.

“Art can be an amazing way for audiences to experience and engage with real issues. We’re hoping that people come away from THAW with an increased desire to take action against climate change,” says Joshua Thomson, the artistic director of Legs On The Wall.

TGB Charity invites you to take action and join the fight against climate change. Together, we can make the world better.

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