TGB Charity - Why not play some fun tabletop games as well as learn something about the Earth?
Play at Home, Save the World

As the COVID-19 pandemic remains, people in some areas of the world are still in lockdown. Staying at home all day, all week, all month…gosh, we all know how that feels. How about having some fun with your fellows at home, and gaining some knowledge at the same time? 

Let’s play tabletop games! 

You think that fun and learning could not possibly be together? Wrong. There are some tabletop games delicately designed with the concept of important global issues, such as water, biodiversity and climate change. They offer a learning experience in terms of social skills and intellectual skills. The games below will amaze you. 

Global warming in board games

The game CO₂: Second Chance perfectly depicts the current circumstances we are facing. In the 70s, the world’s leaders faced an unprecedented demand for energy, solved by building power plants without considering the pollution they caused. Years later, the impact of pollution is overwhelming and human has realized the need to produce energy through clean sources (renewable energies). 

Players take on the role of companies who collaborate to fight CO₂ rising in the atmosphere, and, unless it’s stopped, they lose. Sounds familiar, huh? 

Water and biodiversity

You can literally understand the importance of water in the game Petrichor. Here, players are a cloud. You have to manipulate the weather for keeping the rain in water circulation and growing crops. However, be cautious of the effects after controlling the climate. Once the most crops are grown and harvested, you win the title of Most Valuable Cloud. Manipulating the climate? Seems not bad.

The other interesting game is called Darwin’s Choice. You may have guessed the background inside the game – although all living beings are being formed and experiencing constant change, only those species which are able to adapt to ever changing conditions will survive to leave their mark in history. Players must strive to create the strongest species and become Darwin’s choice. 

Now, why not pick one or two to start while staying at home? Fun tabletop games are a good solution to kill your boredom. And the best part is, you can also learn something meaningful from it!


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