Ocean lovers! Who is the fastest swimmer in the ocean? - TGB Charity
Ocean lovers! Who is the fastest swimmer in the ocean?

Ocean swimming competition

When you think of the world’s fastest swimmer, most people think of Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky. We can’t help but wonder If the oceans were to host a swimming competition and invite ma-rine life to participate, which marine animal will take the lead?

To celebrate World Ocean Month with ocean lovers out there, we’ve picked out some of the ocean’s top swimmers to participate in a virtual swimming race. Black marlin, killer whale, flying fish, mako shark… watch the race now!

The ocean connects all continents and covers over 70% of the earth’s surface. Its remarkable ecosystems are not only home to diverse aquatic creatures but also are indispensable to human survival. While we are enjoying what the beautiful oceans have to offer, they are now facing threats that need our attention.

Coral bleaching

The coral reefs nurture the highest biodiversity of any ecosystem globally —even more than tropical rainforests, and are pivotal to survival in many developing countries. Over the past few years, reefs around the world have suffered from mass coral bleaching events due to the increase in global surface temperature caused by global warming. If corals are bleached for a period of time, they eventually die, leading to severe economic, social, and health consequences for all species on planet earth. Scientists warn that all coral reefs will die by 2100 unless CO2 emissions drastically reduce.

Plastic pollution

The majority of the garbage that enters the ocean is plastic and unlike other trash, they can persist under the sea for more than a thousand years, polluting our marine environment and threatening the lives of countless ocean creatures. If global warming requires the effort of all human beings on a bigger scale, then ocean pollution is something each one of us could take action on our own. 

Apart from reducing our carbon footprints to protect coral reefs, Oceana also listed 10 ways we could do to help save oceans. TGB Charity hopes to raise public ocean awareness and urge every single one of us to protect our only ocean.  Happy World Ocean Month!

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