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Tokyo 2020: The Greenest Olympic Games Ever

The world has been waiting for a year, and the game is finally ON! Although it meets the most difficult time, the Tokyo 2020 is aiming to be the greenest-ever Olympic Games. 

All the items made with sustainability in mind

The beds, which the athletes sleep on, are made from cardboards and will be recycled after the event. Mattresses on the 18,000 cardboard beds made for the event are also provided to be fully recyclable after use. 

The podiums for the Olympic and Paralympic athletes are made from donated household plastic waste. A whopping 24.5 tons of recycled plastic were collected from all across Japan to create the 98 podium stands. 

As for the medals, following a nationwide campaign, they are made from recycled precious metals collected from mobile phones and other electronic devices donated by the public. Not to mention the costumes for the medal tray and athlete escorts, manufactured using traditional kimono-making techniques, are made from environmentally friendly recycled fibers. 

Green energy flowing in the Games, in the hearts

You think sustainability exists only in physical objects? Tokyo 2020 also demonstrates it in invisible aspects. Electricity used at the Games comes from renewable sources such as solar, biomass and hydropower. Energy efficiency measures include fitting only LED lights to all the Olympic sites. 

The Games also use zero-emission transport, including fuel-cell buses, autonomous battery shuttles and hydrogen-powered forklift trucks, which are used to move heavy items around the event venues. 

Around every corner we can see the effort of Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the engagement of the general public. With care about the issue of global climate change, let’s enjoy the Tokyo 2020! 


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