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Sustainability Can Be Bold & Innovative

Sometimes, being environmentally sustainable is not as easy as you thought it would be. It could be very challenging and requires determination. At other times, a little bit creation is a big plus for sustainability. Below TGB Charity would like to show you how bold and creative it can be. 

Hungry Frame

Hungry Frame” is a product designed to allow both humans and black soldier flies can co-exist harmoniously in everyday life. It consists of three layers; plants at the top, larvae in the middle and fish at the bottom. The larvae would decompose our leftovers and grow up to be the feed for the fish below in turn. As for the larvae’s excrements, they would act as fertilizer for plants like herbs adding to your everyday meal. 

Everyday leftovers to everyday meal, this is the cool food cycle starting from just a frame on your wall. And there are hundreds of design patterns for you to choose. TGB Charity just can’t love this idea more! 

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

While people embracing the new normal in post-pandemic life, the high demand of air travel is expected. United Airlines recognizes that aviation is also responsible for part of global CO2 emissions, so it bravely sets the goal of becoming 100% green by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions 100% by 2050. To achieve that, it has been investing in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Although there is still no way to purchase tickets specifically for a flight powered by SAF for now, it is nice to see some people are working on it. Let’s hope more and more airlines would replace conventional petroleum-based fuel with the low-carbon alternative in the years to come. 

Fully vegan menu of the legendary restaurant

Nevertheless, the boldness of being sustainable does not always get the thumbs up. Last year, New York’s massively famous fine dining restaurant Eleven Madison Park revolutionarily transformed its menu to go fully vegan. This big changeover was announced by Daniel Humm, executive chef of EMP, arguing that the current food system was “not sustainable”. 

The revolution of the award-winning restaurant is controversial and polarized. Undoubtedly, the original intention is good for our earth, yet it has also got some bad review titles such as “Then It All Went Wrong,” “Isn’t Ready to Be a World-Class Vegan Restaurant.” As food lovers, are you interested in its all-vegan menu?

TGB Charity has always been a supporter of the sustainability movement. In June, we had a #SustainabilityWeek campaign including fun little games! In the future we will continue to raise public awareness about sustainability development through various funny games. 


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