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Social Media: A New Era of Charity Fundraising

When it comes to social media, a common misconception is that it is just Gen Z creating funny videos or stunning-looking influencers posting photos or videos of their lives. While there are certainly a lot more young influencers nowadays, it is just one of social media’s many sides. Popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook (now Meta), Instagram, Snapchat, etc., have started to explore the charity sector a while ago. This fulfills their corporate social responsibilities, but more importantly, it adds something entirely different to their entertaining platforms. 

According to Statista, more than half (57.6%) of the world’s population is now active on social media, and the number is expected to increase by 9.9% every year. To utilize social media and engage young people and those influencers is something charities and NGOs need to take into account. More and more charities start using social media and operating creatively to expand their networks and to leave a strong impression on their audience. TGB Charity is aware of the importance to connect with people around the world and make use of social media in the digital age. Through fun and engaging charity events, TGB Charity delivers important messages about global crises.

2018 Global NGO Technology Report stated that 71% of NGOs in the world find fundraising on social media was effective and that more than 93% of NGOs own a Facebook Page, 50% of NGOs own an Instagram account. Facebook (Now Meta) reported that over $5 billion has been raised through its fundraising tool, which was released in 2015. Social media is unstoppable, find out what are some other social media platforms that charities and NGOs need to keep an eye on.

TikTok for Good

While TikTok was surging at a lightning speed, accumulating users from over the world in 2019, it also introduced a new project - TikTok for Good. The initiative aims to inspire and encourage the new generation to have a positive impact on the planet and those around them. TikTok for Good creates different hashtags for different causes, some previous campaigns include #EduTok, #PetBff, #ForClimate, etc.  Over 10 million videos were created along with the promoted hashtags and accumulated hundreds of million views around the world. Apart from TikTok for Good initiative, TikTok also pledged over $250M in Covid-19 relief efforts, particularly focused on vulnerable communities affected by the pandemic. Organizations and charities such as United Nation, American Red Cross, charity: water, Trevor Project and Best Friends Animal Society has joined TikTok, just to name a few.

Snapchat for Youth

Popular in the younger generations, Snapchat has its charity strategies specifically tailored to its audience. As one of the pioneers to introduce AR (Augmented Reality) filter, Snapchat invites NGOs to create their own filter using the tools provided on the platform to raise awareness about certain topics. NGOs could also make good use of the Snap Map and Group functions to find a more specific group of people who are interested in the cause. During Covid-19, Snapchat has donated over $3M to young creators and their families who were affected by the pandemic. Some of the charities that have joined Snapchat to promote their charity works include (RED), PETA, Oceana, Green Peace.

TGB Charity for Love

Founded in 2018, TGB Charity connects charities and the public through creative charity events, bringing global issues to the public eye. In 2020, TGB Charity partnered with, one of the top-rated charities in the world and created an interactive film “Imagine a life without clean water” . The 2-minute interactive film invited people around the world to experience water crises that are happening in the world right now. A fun AR (Augmented Reality) filter game was also released on TGB Charity’s Instagram account. The campaign accumulated over 30 million video views around the globe and provided clean water, sanitation and handwashing facilities to 4,000 people in Africa.

Last year, TGB Charity launched its annual campaign “Love For All Kinds” on its official website, offering a free platform for nonprofits to fundraise for their projects. International Animal Rescue, International Rhino Foundation, Toucan Rescue Ranch, Phoenix Fund, Rottnest Foundation and FLIGHT have joined and listed their fundraising projects on the campaign page. TGB Charity invites charities and NGOs to join us in creating a fun fundraising experience like no other.


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