TGB Charity - From Billie Eilish to Coldplay: how musicians are trying to combat global warming
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Saving the Earth Rocks!

Going through the coronavirus pandemic, the world is in the process of welcoming the return of large events with open arms, such as live music concerts. 

Millions of people are looking forward to attending their first live concerts and festivals in over a year. It’s a cheerful time to expect your favorite artists rock the stage once more. 

Nevertheless, the pressure is on for musicians and wider industry figures to lessen the environmental impact that constant touring and merchandising holds. 

How about streaming? Unfortunately, even streaming is not safe. It’s estimated that our Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions emit 200 to 350 million kilograms of greenhouse gasses annually. 

Action taken in music industry

Some artists and musicians are recognizing the need to take action for the environment. And they are making real changes. 

In pop music, we have Billie Eilish, who appeared with Greta Thunberg on her trip to LA’s Climate Strike and has been a vegan since she was 11. Every venue on Eilish’s next tour will also promote a ‘Billie Eilish Eco-Village’, an area where fans can learn about climate change. 

Another big name in the music industry that has an awareness of global warming is Coldplay. Having headlined festivals, sold-out stadiums and amassed decades of recognition, Coldplay announced when promoting their last album, Everyday Life, that they would no longer be touring “if it's not carbon neutral”.

It appears to have had an impact - later that week the English band Massive Attack announced they were handing over years of touring data to Manchester University’s Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research to evaluate how the industry can do better. 

Music can make changes

“Music” was also TGB Charity’s first choice to mark the start of our effort in raising public awareness on charity issues, since we believe that music is a powerful way to make a difference. You may check out the cool tracks and learn more about our first music event HERE


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