What about give back to the community as a restaurant?
Create a Win-Win for Restaurants and Charities!

Whether you realize it or not, giving back to the community is an important part of running a restaurant.

Hosting a charitable event offers so many benefits. It can give a boost to your image, increase a sense of community and show that you care; all things help to increase your success and up your bottom line. And, of course, it goes without saying that such events will have a positive impact on the charity of your choosing.

TGB Charity finds some of the reasons why holding such events is positive all around.

  • Enhance Your Image: You’ll attract media attention and create admiration. 
  • Boost Your Reputation: Showing the community that your restaurant is giving back helps to build a favorable reputation for your brand and increase customer loyalty.
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction: Giving employees opportunities to support community causes will help to boost engagement and job satisfaction.
  • Attract New Employees: With many restaurants facing labor shortages, a strong CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) policy makes your restaurant more appealing to young job seekers.
  • Save Money: Some initiatives (especially eco-friendly changes) can improve operational efficiencies and boost your bottom line.
  • Invest in the Local Community: The community you operate in is your business’ home. Any actions that make your community stronger will only benefit your restaurant!

Now, let’s take a look at what restaurants have done for philanthropy.

1. FieldTrip

FieldTrip, a rice bowl shop in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood, has been feeding health care workers and kids. Donors can purchase bowls to donate for less than the typical menu price, and FieldTrip is covering tax and delivery costs on donated meals.

FieldTrip also partnered with urban farming nonprofit Harlem Grown to offer warm meals to families and children in shelters, who have reduced access to food because schools are closed. 

2. Bayou Bakery 

During COVID-19 outbreak, Bayou Bakery, a New Orleans-style café in Virginia, has pivoted toward serving free meals to students, their families, and military households.

Chef David Guas partnered with Real Food for Kids to serve nutritious, plant-based lunches every weekday, which can be picked up at Bayou Bakery in Arlington. Over 1,700 meals were distributed.

How to get involved in charitable events?

Here, TGB Charity has got a few simple ways that restaurants can give back to the community.

  • Donate Unused Food: Get involved with charitable organizations and get food from your kitchen into the hands of families in need.
  • Donate Gift Cards to Events: Donating gift cards to local charities, fundraisers, or organizations is a great way to gain exposure and draw customers back into your restaurant.
  • Fundraisers for Local Events: Host a fundraiser at your restaurant to support those needed. From disaster relief to raising money for after-school programs, catering to the needs of your community is the ideal charitable strategy for restaurants.
  • Host a Holiday Dinner for the Hungry: Offer your restaurant space for those who may not have the means to cook their own holiday meal. What better way to promote your restaurant at the holidays than by feeding hungry families in your community?

The benefits of giving back to the community are so much more than a tax write-off. What else do you think can help both restaurants and charities? 

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