TGB Charity Builds Hope in Japan
TGB Charity Builds Hope in Japan

TGB Charity collaborated with the Japanese charity organization Playground of Hope (PoH) in July of this year to build a playground in the Matsuzaki-Ozaki Disaster Prevention Park in Kesennuma City. In addition to donation for the purchase, transportation, and installation of playground facilities, TGB Charity also invited local residents to vote for the recreational equipment they wanted in the playground as well as participate in the construction process. The park, which is scheduled for completion in April 2021, will serve as a place for local residents to linger and relax, while also providing disaster prevention functions.


PoH is a Japanese NPO founded by Michael Anop after the 2011 earthquake. PoH’s primary goal is to help rebuild affected communities by constructing outdoor recreational areas for children and supporting outdoor play at children’s homes. These efforts allow children who have lost family members to live and play in peace. PoH is a strong advocate for outdoor recreation, because it helps improve children’s health, confidence, and teamwork. Furthermore, local residents can get to know each other during the process of building the playgrounds by hand, thus strengthening their sense of community identity.


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