TGB Charity - What kind of future would you love?
OPEN CALL: The Future You'd Love

“What kind of future would you love?”

We all have gone through a tough time since the pandemic began. In addition to Covid-19, there has been also record-breaking natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, bushfires and earthquakes happening all over the world in the past two years. Now it’s 2022, the new year has begun, TGB Charity would love to hear the voices and dreams from each one of you! 

TGB Charity is going to collect the public’s thoughts and ideas for the upcoming campaign “The Future You’d Love”. Everyone has the right to speak out the future they’d love, in their own way. Whether it is a photo of a pollution-free ocean, a drawing on a post-it note, or even just a voice message, all forms of expression are welcomed! 


Show us the future you’d love to see in any form of creativity. You can draw, shoot a photo/video, or simply send us a voice message! There are no boundaries, the stage is yours! 

(1) For voice message:

Begin the sentence with “In the future, I’d love…”,
e.g., “In the future, I’d love to live in a house full of greens!”
e.g., “In the future, I’d love to see the world at peace.”

(2) For other forms of creativity:

Provide us with a short description of your work.

Why wait? Let’s do it now!

Simply message us on Facebook, Instagram, or email: []

We can’t wait to see your fabulous vision and perspective! 

**Note: When you submit your work or voice message, you grant TGB Charity the right to use, edit, publish, display, or utilize in any other way as TGB Charity deems fit, your work or voice recording on TGB Charity’s social network platforms, websites, and any other channels TGB Charity deems fit. Please notice that if there is plagiarism or copyright infringement contained in the work submitted, the person who commits it is held liable.