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My Kindness Is…Pure WHITE

People feel comfortable and relieved to be with you. The truth is, you are very sensitive to others’ needs. Your heart is soft, selfless and generous. Sometimes you may be bothered by your great empathy, but don’t forget it is also a precious gift. You might love those TGB Charity’s campaigns below since they attempt to make a peaceful world, just as you wish. TGB Charity would also recommend two NGOs for you here! 


  • New Zealand

Bellyful knows how hard those early years can be – and that’s before adding other children or career demands to the mix! 

Since 2009, Bellyful volunteers have nourished and connected communities by cooking and delivering meals to whānau, with babies or young children, who need support. Having a few meals delivered by a friendly face can be a real sanity-saver. They are a volunteer-led charity with almost 600 volunteers in 25 communities across New Zealand. Thanks to the wonderful sponsors, supporters, and volunteers, their service is free. In the last 13 years, their dedicated volunteers have delivered 200,000 meals to 35,000 whānau in Aotearoa. 

Click to support Bellyful to help more families in need!

Rise Against Hunger Philippines (RAHP)

  • Philippines

A member of the global confederation of Rise Against Hunger and a certified food bank recognized by the Global FoodBanking Network, Rise Against Hunger Philippines (RAHP) is driven by its mission to end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable and creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources. 

Since 2015, RAHP has been working towards its goal by providing daily nutritious meals to Filipino families and children facing food insecurity and urgently responding to the need for food and other assistance during disasters. 

From hosting your own Meal Packaging Event to being a food bank partner, there are numerous ways to get involved. With all of us working together, putting an end to hunger is possible. 



Imagine a Life Without Clean Water

  • Worldwide

Would you use water differently if you only have a bucket of water a day? 

TGB Charity brings a new way to introduce a topic we are familiar with yet oblivious to – the Global Water Crisis. 

In the interactive video, each person has only one bucket of water to use every day, and through different choices made at certain parts of the storyline, the plot unfolds differently. TGB Charity and our partner would like to invite you to experience the life without clean water, and how having no access to clean water, time waste on collecting water and water pollution could impact on human survival. →Learn more

The Food Bank Singapore

  • Singapore

In 2019, TGB Charity partnered with The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG), purchased multiple Bank Boxes and food bundles to help collects excess food and re-distributed them to those in need. Bank Boxes were deployed in crowded areas such as schools, corporations and other event locations for people to donate excess food; Food bundles were delivered directly to local Singaporeans. 

We hope to raise awareness of the problem of food waste, and encourage people to take part in helping to end hunger. →Learn more

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