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My Kindness Is…Hot PINK

You live a passionate life. Just like hot pink, you have a warm, positive and courageous heart. You care about people—but care too much sometimes! Since you are the kind of person motivated by the strong sense of justice, you would definitely love those TGB Charity’s campaigns below! 

Cambodian Children’s Fund

  • Cambodia

TGB Charity partnered with Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) and donated $40,000 USD for their educational projects. The donation was used in technological curriculum development to engage more young people with the wonder of technology, thereby creating pathways to possible future careers. →Learn more 

Playground of Hope

  • Japan

TGB Charity constructs a truly 3 generational play space for kids, teens, moms, dads and grandparents in Japan! 

In 2020, TGB Charity partnered with Playground of Hope (PoH), building a playground in the Matsuzaki Ozaki Park, a governmental disaster-prevention park in Kesennuma City, whose coast was totally razed by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. We had the locals vote for the recreational equipment they preferred in the park, and the whole construction process took us two months to finish. →Learn more

When the Smile Glitters 

  • Worldwide

TGB Charity has been making an effort on children rights, not only basic living qualities but also proper education. We focus on what a child need to live a better life. 

In this campaign, TGB Charity introduces the general public to 9 charities/NGOs. From different countries and areas, they focus on children rescue and their rights, holding a variety of fundraising events and activities. →Learn more

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