The Most Important Destination of Disabled People – Freedom. - TGB Charity
The Most Important Destination of Disabled People

Disability is a sensitive topic. Fear of saying the wrong thing restrains people from saying anything at all, and makes us avoid having crucial conversations about disability. This avoidance lets people with disabilities often misunderstood and stereotyped. 

TGB Charity has found that some brands and governments are aware of this, trying to reverse the views on disabled people, or even to break the limits they are facing.

McDonald’s EatQual

McDonald’s India creates EatQual – a specially designed case that holds the burger together to help people with limited hand mobility enjoy it without any difficulty. This innovation makes people with disabilities equally enjoy the simple joy of biting a burger. 

Pallavi Chakravarti, creative head of DDB Mudra West, says: “While the idea of a pack that enables people with limited upper limb mobility to enjoy their burgers with dignity is not a life-changing one, it’s an important one. Because this small step alters an experience for the better – an experience that most of us take for granted. And for some of us, it brings a previously unattainable pleasure comfortably within reach. Mostly it’s the little things that go a long way in leveling the playing field for us all.”

Freedom of the City

For the great majority of people, using public transport is something taken completely for granted. But for one in seven people in Ireland who are living with a disability, merely being able to get the bus independently can be a life-changing experience. Dublin Bus runs a remarkable service called the Travel Assistance Scheme to help people attain this independence.

The scheme is a program designed to teach vulnerable passengers to travel independently around Dublin on any mode of public transport. Since its infancy the scheme has been run by one man, Roger Flood – a selfless individual who has given freedom of the city to more people than anyone in Dublin’s history. Whilst their needs and disabilities vary, the people Roger has helped all have one thing in common – a new found freedom in their lives.

Freedom and equality are usually hidden in those tiny little things we normally neglect. Thanks to these brilliant projects and innovations that remind us how precious they are. As TGB Charity believes, every little care matters. 


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