TGB Charity - A great way to celebrate International Animal Rights Day
Earth Is Home For All Living Beings

December 10 is International Animal Rights Day, and this year, TGB Charity has a good idea for you to celebrate this special day. 

As part of the campaign “Love For All Kinds”, which we created a fundraising platform for animal NGOs, TGB Charity invites some of them to share details of their work and the challenges they face. 

Getting to know more about these endangered animals would be a fantastic way to celebrate International Animal Rights Day. Let’s watch the videos →HERE

ORANGUTAN ∣ International Animal Rescue

  • Critically Endangered

Orangutans share 96.4% of our genes and are highly intelligent creatures. However, their population has rapidly declined in a century. These critically endangered primates are suffering and dying as a result of habitat loss, primarily for palm oil production and other industrial scale agriculture, as well as through hunting for the exotic pet trade.

International Animal Rescue is tackling the problem on every level, including the rescue and rehabilitation of individual animals and their reintroduction into the wild; forest protection and reforestation; community outreach and education, and collaboration with all stakeholders to secure the long term future of the species, the local communities, and the forest habitat on which animals and people depend for survival. 

→ Listen to the IAR member talking about their work. 

RHINOCEROS ∣ International Rhino Foundation

  • Critically Endangered

At the start of the 20th century, there were 500,000 rhinos roaming the wild. By 1970, the worldwide population of rhinos fell to 70,000. Today, the number of rhinos surviving in the world is only 28,000. 

4 of 5 species remaining are threatened with extinction, while 3 of those are critically endangered, which means they could go extinct in our lifetime. Their threats include habitat loss, and encroachment by people, however, poaching remains the largest threat to their survival. 

→ What is Team Rhino? Watch and learn how IRF are trying to save rhinos.

AMUR LEOPARD ∣ Phoenix Fund

  • Critically Endangered

The Amur leopard, the world’s most endangered big cat, is poached largely for its beautiful, spotted fur. Its wild habitat is the Amur River basin in Far East Russia. This region is the furthest north that any leopard species can be found in the wild. The solitary Amur Leopard is well adapted to this northern terrain, until humans’ invasion. 

The Phoenix Fund has been working on the survival of the endangered Amur tigers and Amur leopards and teaching people to appreciate local wildlife. 

→ Know more about how Phoenix Fund secure the Amur leopard’s survival.

TOUCAN & SLOTH ∣ Toucan Rescue Ranch

  • Vulnerable

Toucans and sloths both play important roles in the  ecosystems, but their population is decreasing. The big threat they are mutually facing is the deforestation of rainforests, which is their habitats offering them food and shelter. Also, toucans are very popular pets, and many are captured to supply demand for this trade. 

The Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR) has been rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing many toucans and sloths in Costa Rica. As a dynamic animal charity, TRR also holds various cool events and activities about animals, such as the cute Sloth Ironman Games and Virtual Tours, which let people explore the magic of Costa Rican wildlife. 

→ Watch cute Costa Rican animals and find out how to help them. 

Discover more incredible animals and NGOs here in “Love For All Kinds”. 


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