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Beware of Cultural Minefield When Traveling!

Which country do you plan on visiting next?

Thanks to all the Covid measures and teamwork, we once again, get to travel and engage with lovely people around the world! For that same reason, cultural awareness has become an exceptionally crucial lesson for every traveler. 

From TGB Charity’s perspective, cultural awareness helps us break down cultural barriers, learn how to love, and respect the diversity among us. Hence, with cultural awareness in mind, it is probable for us to create more peaceful connections and much less conflict.

In most cases, being polite and humble could help you avoid offending your taxi drivers or even a colleague in cross-culture teamwork. Unfortunately, in some travel scenarios, failing to keep local taboos and customs in mind is equivalent to entering a “cultural minefield”.


Some of the deadliest cases are: tipping a waiter in Japan, wishing a German happy birthday before the actual day arrives, and gifting alcoholic beverages to a friend from Pakistan!


Before we quench your thirst for answers, we’d love to invite you to our “Diversity Be Like” social media campaign, and get to know some of the most interesting cultural differences around the world!

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Friendly reminder — please stay safe during travel!


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