TGB Charity - Best Environmental Films for All Tastes
Best Environmental Films for All Tastes

During the Covid-19 pandemic, watching films at home has become many people’s favorite thing to do. It is safe, relaxing and comfortable. Most important, the fantasy world in films allows us to escape from reality – stuck at home and going nowhere. That’s why people love films. 

A film with something good for you to learn? That would be a plus. Here, we gather several movies with themes or contents including the severe environmental issues. Whether you’d like to know more about the Earth we live on, to educate children with the climate crisis, or just to have some fun time, there must be something for you. 

Jump into fantasy worlds

Of all the environmental disaster blockbusters to have been released over the past two decades, The Day After Tomorrow (2004) still looms as large as any. The background of this movie is that the effects of global warming and the greenhouse effect has caught up with the Earth. The polar ice caps are melting and the world's weather patterns are all out of sync. The next ice age is upon us. Wanna be involved in the immersive experience? Try this movie. 

Another environmental-themed film with fabulous visual effects is Avatar (2009). The film made extensive use of new motion capture filming techniques, and was released for traditional viewing, 3D viewing, and for "4D" experiences in select South Korean theaters. With critics highly praising its ground-breaking visual effects, the film narrates the serious environmental issues in a novel way. 

Kid-friendly animated films

Climate change is hard to discuss with kids, but these kid-friendly movies are a brilliant way to start the conversation. Animated treats such as Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006) and Happy Feet (2006) are a wonderful way to expose young kids to the concept of global warming. 

Excellent new documentaries

You may think films about real-world people and environmental crisis would not be easy to watch. Not at all. There are also some fun and cute documentaries, such as My Octopus Teacher (2020) and The Year Earth Changed (2021). They both explore the relationship between human beings and animals, which live on the same planet – Earth. Sharing and depending on nature, could humans and animals peacefully live together? 

Ready to pick one or two to watch? Have fun, learn more, and enjoy! 


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